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Homestead in Klickitat County – 1887 to 1893
Homestead in Douglas County – 1893 to Present
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By 1904, Baumgardner Farms had a deluxe Case Stationery Thresher.
In 1910, Bert Baumgardner bought a modern Betty's Best Horse Drawn Combine, his first "horse-drawn".

Bert Baumgarnder with his 1943 TracTractor, after farming all of his life with horses and mules.

Bert Baumgarnder started farming with his 1943 TracTractor in 1944, using it for 6 years before retiring in 1949.

Try to imagine the relief at the year’s end when simply “parking” your “team”!
Plus, the tractor didn’t need shelter, water or food all winter!

We forgot, as a society, what it was like to “winter your team” of horses and mules, and the vital importance of success needed until next year’s farming season, no-matter the conditions!

Today @ Baumgardner Farms!


Always “Fresh-Milled”, delivered within 2-weeks of milling date and refrigerated to your door!

Delivery available within the following areas: Wenatchee – Chelan – Omak – Waterville – Bridgeport.

Allow 7 – 10 days for delivery.

Subject to availability.

Today at Baumgardner Farms, we are focusing on Flax Seed Production.

We currently are offering Baumgardner Farms Flax Seed Oil in limited supply.

Glass is the FDA’s highest standard.
Glass is the ONLY packaging material rated
‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ (GRAS) by the
U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

All of our flax seed oil is made from 100% organic certified flax seed.

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Suggested Best Use by Customers

Customer Choice #1 Best Use:

3 Tablespoons Low Fat Cottage Cheese + 1 Tablespoon Baumgardner Farms’ Flax Oil.